Dec. 10th, 2003

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Your attention please, students. This is Emma Frost. This is not a pre-recorded message, and this is not some burly Englishman muscling in on my account. This is my own sweet, fabulous self, typing with a cracked fingernail and a headache that sadly owes nothing to champagne. I am pleased to report that I am alive and most definitely kicking, and I will not be done kicking for quite some time.

Those surly, beer-swilling hooligans Brian and Peter are with me, and I shall be back at the school some time tomorrow. I would be very grateful if you could update me on the more important details I've missed, and by important, I don't mean which of the boys are the latest to have a lovers' tiff and who broke a vase in the library. Let's start with arrivals and departures and move down the list from there.

There will be much to talk about on my return, including some discussion of giant killer robots. I understand I have some of you students to thank for the fact that I am returning at all. You will be in no doubt as to the depth of my gratitude.

Elizabeth, I'm delighted to have you back among us. Be sure to wear sunglasses when you see me, darling. My brilliance will only blind you again.

Jake, where is that Louis Vuitton attaché case you stole from the back of my limousine in Monaco in 1999, you thieving little dog?

I do so look forward to us all catching up.

I shall never think well of Paris again.

Much love,



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