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I have become so very good at not sleeping. It's necessity, I suppose. I have a lot of work to do. I have an excellent team running Frost Enterprises, but it still requires a lot of my attention. The school comes before even that. The students come first.

So I rarely sleep for more than a bare handful of hours a night, if that. As a telepath, I've developed my own meditation techniques for suppressing fatigue. Thankfully, I'm far too beautiful to require beauty sleep. I think it may be my tertiary mutation.

I don't need much sleep, and I can't afford much sleep.

And I never get much sleep.

Ever since what happened at the Academy, I've found I don't want to sleep. Perhaps because I slept for months thereafter. Maybe I did all my sleeping at once?

The psionic landscape changes when everyone is sleeping, and at night I can feel the beats shifting all around me. I'm almost never the only one still awake in the small hours, but I enjoy being one of the few. I enjoy being in a position to meet them when they come, whoever they may be.

There's always someone coming. The world is a dangerous place.

What happened last night has happened before, and it will happen again. Perhaps not here, but somewhere.

I'll get my sleep when the danger passes.
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