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Good morning, students!

Just a quick note to say, Happy Thanksgiving. Sorry I can't be there today, but, as ever, I have my own Thanksgiving plans.

It's been a difficult few months for all of us, but now is a time to look back and give thanks for the good things in life. Or to reflect on how America treated the first group of strange and different people we came across when we first settled this great nation. Either one is fine.

But, as I say, we've been through a lot this year, and you've all earned the opportunity to overindulge. For God's sake, have fun, though I know it will be a struggle without me. I shall see you all soon.

Much love,

Auntie Emma.

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Hello students, teachers. Just a little update from River Rock, my modest little cabin in Maine. I thought I'd better get in touch to let you know how things are going.

Sarah seems to be taking to the area well, from what little I see of her. Don't worry, there's only so much trouble she can get into out here, although she's probably finding most of it. Jono is coming along extremely well. We've been joined by Elisabeth's brother Brian, who is helping monitor our work together, and he seems very pleased with Jono's progress.

All in all, it's been a very rewarding retreat. Jono is probably exhausted, poor dear, and I'm a little worn out myself, but spirits are high, and we'll all be much the better for this time away when we return. Now I've had a chance to talk with Brian, I'm hoping to spend some time working with Elisabeth when I get back.

Charles, if you need me for anything, I'm happy to telecommute in. I hope to be back next weekend, unless we're needed for anything urgent.

My love to you all,

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Why, yes, there is a storm brewing.

Thank you to the students who helped me to bring in all the outside furniture and equipment yesterday. We've dismantled the tennis courts and the basketball courts, locked down the boats in the lakehouse and drained the pool. The conservatory is now strictly off limits to everyone, and I have chained and padlocked those doors. All the shutters should now be closed and should remain closed. We have our own generators here, so don't worry, we won't lose light.

I'm heading to Snow Valley to check on preparations at the former Academy. I hope to then spend the rest of the day in my native Boston, helping out as best I can, but I will be in regular contact with the rest of the faculty should anyone need me. Ms Blaire has been placed in charge of things here at the school while the teachers are away. You must listen to her and do exactly as she tells you. I'll leave you in her capable hands.

Keep your wits about you, children.
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Are we having a little hard-done-by contest, here, children? Let's see... my parents sent me to an asylum because they thought I was insane. Do I get any points for that? I escaped, thank God, though I had to live homeless in New York City for a little while. But do you know what I did next?

I made the best of a bad situation. And I was lucky, because I have a gift, and all I needed to do was learn how to use it, and decide what I wanted to be. And here I am; a mutant success story.

You all have gifts. Now you just have to decide what you want to be. So that's my question to you this morning, children. Think of it like career counselling. I don't care where you've come from or how hard a journey it's been. I want to know from you what you want to be, either with your powers or without them. If you don't want to tell the whole school, e-mail me privately, but I would like to hear from all of you. It's time you learned that coming to terms with being a mutant isn't the end of the journey. You are miracles, every one of you, and still you can be so much more.
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It's been an exhausting weekend, but we all came back relatively intact. A little shaken, perhaps, but with the sort of entertainment they're laying on at the club these days, that's hardly surprising. Someone remind me to frisk Mr Starsmore for his damned digital camera next time I take him out. If people get sight of these parties they won't think I'm outré any more.

Lots to report, but frankly it can wait. I intend to strip out of these damn boots (and everything else too, for that matter) and sink into an enormous bubble bath with a large martini. If anyone else needs that bathroom in the meantime, well, they'll just have to join me.

Oh, alright, since the rumors are already circulating, I'll offer this briefest of recaps. I was right about Shaw. Those files were accurate, and we have the proof. I personally volunteer to spank the President. However, I don't think this is sanctioned, and I'm quite sure we can put a stop to it. Children, don't let Sarah and Jono scare you with their chit chat. But don't get too comfortable, either.

If anyone needs me, come squeeze my ducky.
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Auntie Emma is on her way to New York for the weekend, taking her saucy little menage of Mr Wisdom and Ms Braddock along for the ride. I've also taken Haroun, who has an appointment with an old colleague of mine, and Jono and Sarah, who have volunteered to help me out with a little job. With all the tension in the air of late, I think we're all hoping to use this opportunity to unwind a little. Indeed, I have a function at my old club on Sunday night, which I may bring them along to. We should be back Monday. Do try to get by in our absence.
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Haroun, I've made an appointment for you to visit Mr Shaw in New York this weekend. Since there's no school next week, I'm going to come up with you and stay a few days. I promised Sarah she could join me, so we're going to have a little fun while we're there.

Of course, if any of the older students think they could handle a weekend of Emma's idea of fun, do let me know. I'm sure Peter can help me chaperone, can't you, Peter? No point letting the holiday go to waste.


Aug. 17th, 2003 06:47 pm
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Have bought a whip. It's made of kangaroo hide, apparently. They peel the kangaroo like an orange and then plait these incredibly thin strands of leather together to make a fearsome singletail with an impressive reach. I've been practising out in the grounds; I'm getting quite good with an empty beer can (not for the first time, hmm?), but I haven't been able to try it out on a moving target yet. I should ask for volunteers.

I must say, it's quite the most impressive piece of leather I've bought in weeks. I made the acquisition on a little daytrip into the city yesterday, when I was supposed to be meeting up with a contact of mine, whom we shall call 'Martin'. Only 'Martin' did not appear, making this the first time I've been stood up in quite some time. I did make a little trip to my old club while I was there as well, though, so it was far from a wasted trip. Auntie Selene sends her love to Sarah, Jono and Alex, and says she'd just love to have you all over at hers again some time. She told me to say that she promises not to bite.

Oh, to those students who attended my little 'blackout soiree' the other evening; I seem to have acquired some lost property, which I'm keeping in my office. I won't go into details; I'm quite sure you'll know if you're missing something. Come and see me if you want your 'things' back. Thank you.
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Oh heavens, are people still doing this? Well, so long as we're all here, I suppose I should put the thing to good use.

Children; Should Auntie Emma take over the world? What do you think? I've always thought I'd be rather good at it, and it could be rather fun. And if I were to take over the world, what should I do with it?
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This is my first week with a full and proper teaching schedule in slightly over a year. I must say, it is good to feel the thwack of the wooden ruler against my hand again, and the smell of chalk dust is almost an aphrodisiac. For the love of learning, of course.

Oh, the party on Saturday. My friend the black hag was, unhappily, quite well - but I will admit that she knows how to entertain. I must say, Sarah, Alex and Jono were excellently behaved, and quite the eye-catchers, too. If there were ever an opening for an Emma Frost-led X-team - a sort of chic, edgy alternative to the usual charming boyscout brigade, for when saving the world requires fewer morality lectures, a little more attitude, and backsides that don't look quite so enormous in tight black leather - I think I'd know where to turn. Of course, my upstanding colleagues would never entertain such an idea, those dear hearts, and I quite understand, but it amuses me to imagine it.

But if it ever does happen; John, if you're reading this, you know I'll always have an opening for you, dear. Maybe you should send your New World Order back to the kitchen and ask for something a little less overcooked.

Dear Diary

Jun. 20th, 2003 01:57 pm
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Am considering going to the Hamptons for the weekend, to escape all these damn children-of-all-ages reading the same damn book. It's going to be a telepathic minefield of overegged minds all having the same unguarded, overenthusiastic thoughts, all at different reading speeds. A nightmare in the making. If not the Hamptons, a bottle of vodka and some valium.

Is anyone here not reading the damn book this weekend? Do let me know. I may get concert tickets.
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Jono, you'll be pleased to hear that the shirts are ready.

For those of you who haven't been privy to my work with Jono the last couple of weeks (or for Jono, I should say, as the boy is far from forthcoming), I shall explain. There are those who find it terribly easy to dismiss the intelligence of a woman as beautiful and, may I say, well dressed as myself, but in the still largely unreognised field of psionics, I remain one of the world's foremost experts. I'm also gifted with superb resources, and in my work with numerous energy-form mutants over the past ten years, I've gathered quite the collection of design specifications for power modifiers, focus controllers and containment suits.

In Jono's case, I've been able to modify previous designs to tailor a range of 'shirts' that will allow him to conduct himself in public without undue attention, and should perfectly suit his needs. The shirts not only monitor his energy levels, but can also draw on Jono's energy to power the cyber-design elements. I know Dr Essex was doubtful about use of suits such as these, but these suits are both safe and will afford Jono some semblance of normality.

Be assured, though, that this is only a stopgap measure while Jono and I continue to work on defining and harnessing his powers, and in due course I am confident that we will be able to do away with these suits entirely. Jono will be restored.

Oh, I should include a couple of examples to show you what we're talking about here. There are only six shirts so far, but I'll add to the range as and when Jono gives me more information on what he's looking for.

In addition to the shirts, Jono, there are prosthetics to replace your jaw. Either a natural skintone, or I've come up with a black rubberized version that essentially resembles club fetishwear, and a tattooed and pierced version that is so utterly outré that people will be far too busy pretending they're not looking to notice it isn't real. I hope it serves your purposes. I'm thinking I might see about getting a chromed version as well. Would you be interested? We'll discuss it at our next session this afternoon.
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I've been called away on business, children, so you'll have to cope without me this weekend. I promise I won't let this become a regular occurrence.

The psychic defense class lists are up on the board. Mr Starsmore, I noticed you hadn't signed up, so I took the liberty of adding you. If you don't turn up for the class, I will take the liberty of coming to get you. If you resist, I will take the liberty of kicking you around the room and dragging you down to the dance studio by your hair, and you'll find your little inferno has little effect on my diamond form.

By all means play the moping, miserable goth with the rest of the school, but don't tax my patience, young man. It's very sad that you lost your face, but you still have other gifts, and I don't see you using them. If you can demonstrate that you're not going to just throw your life away on self-indulgent teen angst - which, incidentally, we've all seen before, from both sides of the equation - then you and I can start looking at ways to make your life a little better.

Such typical teen posturing is ill-suited to such a remarkable young man as yourself.

Have a good picnic, children. I'll be back soon.
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Hank, darling, will you be down in your pit this evening? I'm on my way to LA at the moment, but I should be back some time around midnight. I thought I might come down with dim sum and champagne, and we could play some checkers. I feel like I haven't unwound in a week. Actually, I think that's because I haven't unwound in a week.

The students are behaving themselves. I may have to buy Jubilee some decent clothes at the airport, though, if we can find a boutique. Shush, Jubilation. At those prices, I'm quite sure we can find something we agree on.
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Good morning children.

Next week I will be dedicating my class time to a crash course in psychic self-defense, to take place in the conservatory or in the dance studio depending on time. I expect all students to attend. The course will cover psychic awareness in the first session, focus and fortification in the second, and displacement and obfuscation in the third. All sessions will begin and end with lessons in meditative technique.

Please sign up on the boards outside my office with your first and second choices for each of the three sessions. Sign up in groups, by all means, but I will be trying to keep class sizes as even as possible. You have until Wednesday lunchtime to sign up. I will post the session assignments on the same board on Friday.

Also on the board is a sheet where you can sign up for the extended psychic defense courses that will be added to the curriculum during summer school, and continued throughout the next academic year. I would encourage all of you to take this course, but by all means see how you fare in the crash course before making up your minds. The extended course will count towards your Personal Development requirements.

Those of you in my study groups will be trusted to the care of Alison Blaire for the duration of next week. You are of course all welcome to see me outside of school hours if you require any additional assistance. I will only be running one voluntary study clinic next week, on Wednesday evening.

Thank you; I look forward to seeing you all.

Ms Frost.
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Dear John,

You left without saying goodbye! Darling, did all those months of study room mean nothing to you?

I understand you can still log in to the system and read this. I'm very glad that I still have a way to reach you. Teachers aren't meant to have favorites, but they always do, and I'm sure you know you've always been one of mine.

I was so looking forward to seeing you again after all these months, but I suppose it's a deserved slap in the face that you didn't wait around for me. Still, I never thought anyone would leave me for an older man.

Darling, what happened? Why did you feel you had to leave? Whatever you're going through, whatever you're raging against, there is someone here who can help you. The people you're with aren't your friends, and you don't want to go through this alone.

Oh, I don't think you've heard the news. After you left, Dr Grey died. She gave her life so that the others could make their escape. There will be a memorial service tomorrow here at the school. You could come along. Your friends and teachers would love more than anything to see you there.

But you're welcome back any time, John. And even if you don't want to come back, you and I can still talk. You know how to reach me. No matter what happens next, no matter what you do with those people, I will always be here for you.

Please keep well. Tell Mr Lehnsherr that if he harms a single hair on your hot little head, I will bite out his tongue.

With love,

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Charles. Dear heart. Wherever you are. Do be careful where you put that thing.

I'm keeping the limousines on hold until the streets are a little clearer. I would have booked a helicopter if I hadn't been on the balcony watching CBS's Eye In The Sky damn near parking itself into Ground Zero. Now wouldn't that have been a fine argument for mutant registration?

All that said, we are going home just as soon as we can. I don't expect a second attack. I think I have a fairly good idea what happened, and a fairly good idea that if it failed once for each species, it's unlikely to happen again.

I could feel you, Charles. I have your sticky thumbprint on my brain.
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It's almost dawn. I'm writing this from the balcony of my suite, where I can see the sun taking a fearful first look at the deep, rich velvet night that it means to chase away. I wanted to be here to see this. The first light of day refreshes me. It's that moment between chill and light, that moment where you can see that disappearing whisper of dew slide across the landscape like a thin silk. The morning frost.

The children are all sleeping. I can feel their minds in the rooms behind me; I have woven myself into their dreams, to chase away the shadows and give them rest. I do it to protect them from fear, but as I'm here I can feel their little dreams, pulsing like beating hearts in my hands. Sweet children. The bogeyman won't come for you tonight.

In the morning I must send some people to the school, to prepare for the children's return. We must get them back as soon as we can, so that their lives can begin to feel normal again, for whatever value we can place on normality. I sent some workmen to board the windows and begin repairs. Hank went to the school to supervise, and he's still there now. It must be strange, being alone in the vast halls of a ghost school.

I have asked the hotel to prepare a vast breakfast in one of the function rooms. Pancakes with maple syrup, yoghurt and fresh strawberries, Canadian bacon and waffles, Danish pastries, thick, sticky malt shakes, sharp grapefruits for the older children and sweet, syrupy mandarins for the youngest; everything the hotel can provide. We will all eat together, as a school.

I've also ordered some toys to be brought in from FAO Schwartz, to keep the children distracted throughout the morning. We shall then return to the school in expensive limousines with CD players and televisions, ice cream cabinets and Coca-Cola pumps. One cannot buy the children's happiness, but one can maybe make the worries and doubts a little easier to bear.

Ah, here comes the sun. How does the song go? "It seems like years since you've been here."
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Children. A lot of you are scared, a lot of you are upset, and evidently a lot of you are having trouble resting and catching up on your sleep. Please understand and be under no illusions; I will not leave your sides. I will not let anyone hurt you. I will not let you come to any further harm.

I promise you, we will find the missing students. We will bring them all home. We will find the people who took them, and we will punish them, and we shall make them understand that to bring fear to our children is to bring a terrible price upon themselves. We will ensure that they never, never lay a single finger on any of you again.

No-one attacks my school and gets away with it. Those who do not understand that will be made to understand.

Rest, children. Let me calm your racing minds. I will be watching. Everything will be fine.
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Damn it. Fuck. Alison, we're... four blocks away, if that. We're coming. You'll have to... just, be ready to tell me everything, OK. I need to know everything. Has anyone heard from Charles?

We're on our way.
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